3 Doterra Business Success Tips

| November 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

Are you a new Doterra distributor? Or Maybe you are thinking about becoming a Doterra distributor but you want to learn about how to be successful with your new business before you get started.
Here are three success tips that every Doterra consultant needs to follow:

1. Set goals for your business. Be specific and clear about what you want to have happen as well as things such as how many people you will speak with each day, your why for starting your business and your long term goals.

Ideally your enroller and sponsor will help you in figuring out what these should be. For example, my big goal for 2012 is to reach the level of Silver. My smaller goals include scheduling two classes per month and two webinars per month for my online audience as well as blogging every day and creating and sharing at least one new video per month. My biggest vision is to also help 1,000 moms of children with special needs to be home with their children and to discover the power of Doterra essential oils for health and wellness.

2. Schedule your first essential oils basics class within your first 30 days in business. Invite everyone you know in your local area to attend. Then follow up with the people who attend as well as those who couldn’t make it and invite them to either become a wholesale customer, become an independent product consultant and start their own home business, to purchase retail, to host their own essential oils class, or to come to a class if they couldn’t make it the first time. Classes are the number one most effective method of building your Doterra business, so you want to make sure to schedule them regularly and often. A good schedule is 1-2 of your own classes per month and 2-3 additional classes per month with other hosts. You can also create variety by offering themed classes such as weight loss, pets, cooking, healthy and happy kids and more.

3. Be consistent in sharing the oils with new people and with following up with people who have already tried them. The number one key to a lot of customers and consultants in your Doterra business is to share the oils and let people experience their amazing healing power but it will not work for you to do it sporadically or just when you fell like it. You need to keep sharing the oils and daily at every opportunity you get. Pay attention to when people are talking about their health problems or about what is wrong with their help and then offer them an oil that will help them with their specific need.

AnnaLaura Brown has been marketing online and in network marketing since 2005. She started her own Doterra business in August of 2010 and has experienced life changing results with the essential oils. Learn more about her and grab your free ebook managing and controlling allergies, asthma, autism and add at http://annalaurabrown.com Get information from her about Doterra and essential oils at http://healthandwealthwithoils.com

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